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Fundraiser thoughts

I don't make a lot of time for journaling or blogging of any kind lately. Today, I've had a kind of rough, emotional day. I'm thankful for newish friends who want to talk about things that have nothing to do with my life.

Tomorrow is the Alchemy Art Fundraiser. I'm here tonight, nearly 24 hours exactly prior to doors opening, and I keep pacing. I keep trying to figure out what I've forgotten to do, or whom I've forgotten to contact. It is all in order though, and I know that. I did a good job of keeping everything neat and orderly for this thing, and that has left me with an abundance of time at the last minute. That's really strange for me - I'm used to procrastinating everything. Usually the last 48 hours prior to an event or a trip are marked with craziness and rushing. Not this time though.

That should be seen as an achievement though, right? However, I find myself discontent. I am very excited about tomorrow, and I feel like I should be *doing* something. My plans for the night include eating obnoxious amounts of Thai food, digesting, a trip to Walmart, going to the park to run off the Thai food, pushing my kid in the park swing, then building a tiny model.

I feel really happy about the fundraiser. It is my first event that I've ever managed and I have loved it. I have learned a whole lot, and I definitely understand my own weaknesses better. I hope it is good, and that we get a decent number of people there. I'm nervous :)

Book recommendations, revisited

A long time ago, I requested book recommendations because I was working on a project where I was reading through all the books I was supposed to read in school, but didn't.

Well, I'm kind of done with that now, and I'm looking for some new stuff to read. What are you reading?

Please don't recommend any more vampire novels to me. I've heard all about them, and I will read through them later. Anything else though, classics included, are welcome!

alternate blogs

What are all your other blogs? It seems like everyone has a million blogs these days, and I want to at least know where they are so I can selectively read them when I'm having days like today, where I don't want to get off my couch.


I deleted a bunch of people from my FLIST. I did it for one of the following reasons:

a) I have no foggy clue who you are.
b) I don't like you.
c) I always skip your entries anyway.
d) You never post, and haven't in a long time.

Don't take it personally. LJ is a dying breed anyway.

Google reader

What blogs and rss feeds do you read? Are you on Google reader? I want new stuff to read.

EDIT: Did you know you can get posts from Tribe in your Google reader? This is great for me b/c I hate going there to read stuff!

Twilight, finished

Finished the series a couple of days ago. I am lonely without it, but I'm getting over it :)
Working on Alchemy stuff with the power off at my house. Yay generator!